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 [TUT] rooting s100(cmflare)

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[TUT] rooting s100(cmflare) Empty
PostSubject: [TUT] rooting s100(cmflare)   [TUT] rooting s100(cmflare) I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 01, 2013 2:32 am

Disclaimer: Flare Love
will not be responsible nor liable for any damage that might happen to
your device during this process though the possibility of any damage is
negligible. Try this at your own risk. This process has been tested and
verified working on Cherry Flare.

What Is Rooting?

Getting root or rooting your phone is the process of modifying the
operating system on your device to grant you complete control over it.
This means you can overcome limitations that the carriers and
manufacturers put on your phone, extend system functionality, and even
upgrade it to a custom flavor of Android.

The name root comes from the Linux operating system world, where the
most privileged user on the system (otherwise known as Administrator on
Windows) is called root. Installing a ROM may require rooting first, but
just rooting can be done in only a few minutes, keeping your stock OS
otherwise completely intact.

Warning: Rooting your phone does run the risk of potentially bricking it. Rooting also voids your warranty as per Cherry Mobile's statement so do your homework before attempting anything.

Benefits Of Rooting:

Full Control Over Android
You have access to alter
any system files, use themes, change boot images, delete annoying stock
apps, such as Google Apps, and other various native applications that
consume precious RAM (Footprints, Voice Dialer, etc).

Back Up The SystemOn most rooted Android devices,
you can backup your entire system to an SD card, much in the same way
you can image a hard drive. This is great if you’d like to try a new
ROM, as you can back up your phone, wipe it completely, flash the new
ROM, and if you don’t like it, you can just restore from your backup and
your phone will be exactly how it was before you wiped it.

These options are usually found in a Custom Recovery or via a 3rd
party application called ROM Manager. (Note that this app is not
compatible with all devices)

Save Space On Your PhoneMove cache data and/or
dalvik-cache to SD card - Rooting allows you to save things like browser
cache to your SD card to free up space. Its not too complicated a
process, but does take a bit of skill.

Move installed applications to SD card - Moving and storing apps on
internal memory can significantly slow your device down. If you root,
you can avoid that completely.

The easiest way to move applications to your SD card would be to
flash a custom ROM that just does it for you (using an app called

Run Special ApplicationsSuper User – allows you to
approve or deny root access to any applicationMemory Managers – kills
tasks you wouldn’t be able to otherwiseMove Cache for Root – move cache
for browser, market, maps, street view, and gmail onto SD cardStartup
Managers – Clean up android system from system startup to boost system
power and memory from the get goSetCPU for Root Users – Overclocking
your rooted device lets you speed up your phone’s processor when you are
using it and lets you slow it down when it goes into "sleep" mode. It
can either be a battery hog or battery saver.


Instructions for Rooting Cherry Mobile Flare


Preparation:1. Charge your
device to at least 70% and enable USB debugging and unknown sources
option. To enable USB Debugging, go to Settings>Development>USB
Debugging. To enable Unknown Sources, go to
Settings>Security>Unknown Sources

2. Download and install Moborobo Smartphone Tool to your PC.

3. Extract pcdrivers.zip located in the internal SD card(2.5GB) to
the same location using your pc. (If you cant find the said file,
download the file above. Extract and copy to the root directory of
internal SD Card).

4. Launch the Moborobo app and connect your device, follow the prompt
so it installs the drivers. Once properly connected with Moborobo app,
you can now close the program.

NOTE: if you cant install the drivers using the instructions above try droidiser's method

Actual Rooting:1. Unzip the Root with Restore by Bin4ry v15 Tool kit.

2. Open the extracted file and run RunMe.bat file inside the extracted folder.

3. Now type 1 (normal) for device type in command prompt window which will appear after opening RunMe.Bat file and hit enter. on screen guide. You will be then asked to press restore on your device. This action will reboot your device.

5. After the reboot, the command window will copy some important
files to your phone. You don't have to do anything unless it says the
procedure has successfully completed. Press any key to exit command

6. Disconnect and reboot your device.

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[TUT] rooting s100(cmflare)
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